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Discover our suite of services, expertly crafted to unlock your full potential

and fuel growth at every level.

Strategically Reimagine Your Future

Small Business Solutions

For the business leader looking for predictable growth systems

Nonprofit Solutions

For the Nonprofit leader ready to create a plan of impact

Personal Growth Solutions

For the professionals searching for a more purposeful life

“Success is not unlimited opportunity, but focused possibility.”
― Tom Paterson

How it Works - Our Process

Here's what to expect when working with us.




Discovery Call or Zoom Session

Book a consultation with us by clicking the button below and we will respond with meeting details.

Map Out the Project Scope

Once we have a better understanding of your needs, we will collaborate with you to derive a scope that guides you towards solutions and fits your budget.

Start the Process & Implement the Plan

Once project scope is complete, we will start the process guiding you along the way so you can plan…and EXECUTE… with courage!

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Get a Custom Plan to Optimize Your Small Business

The Paterson StratOp Strategic Planning Process can help your nonprofit get clarity, unity, and direction.


Then, using clarity gained from the process, the key elements in your strategic plan can be assembled into a one-page summary to help you, your team, and your board stay on track as you execute. 


Download this FREE sample of a nonprofit Plan-On-A-Page!

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